2 HARD-CORE Moves for You

I’m sure you already know because you’ve heard it a million times, core strength is so important if you want be strong head-to-toe and athletic.

There are literally hundreds of different core exercises you can do and I bet you’ve tried most of them at some point in time.

So why not add a few more to your arsenal.

Here are two of my favourite advanced core exercises that I use with my athletes who have already developed a solid foundation.

Two of my favourite HARD-CORE exercises for you to try:

1. Torture Twisting Abs
2. Bosu Ball Dead Bugs

These are fairly advanced core exercises but don’t feel like they are beyond your scope.

The only way of knowing is to give them a try and see how good your core really is.

For the Torture Twisting Abs do:
– 3 sets of 3 reps per side with a 3 sec hold on each side
– 45 second rest between sets
– @ 2/3/1/0 tempo – 2 seconds eccentric (turning away), 3 second pause at the turn, 1 second concentric (turning back to start), no pause at the top.

If you find that your lower back is hurting, that is a sign that your core is not strong enough to hold you in the position so don’t be a hero, come out of it and get back to putting in your time in the basic plank position.

For the Bosu Ball Dead Bugs do:
– 3 sets of 6-8 reps per side
– 45 second rest between sets
– @ 2/0/1/0 tempo – 2 seconds eccentric (lowering leg and arm), no pause at the bottom, 1 second concentric (squeezing back up), no pause at the top.

Add these 2 Hard-Core exercises into your training once a week for the next 4 weeks.

As always we have a video description of the exercises for you to watch to make sure you get all the coaching cues right for maximum results.

You can check out this easy-to-follow video demonstration below of how it’s done properly or you can watch it directly on our Strong Athlete YouTube channel by CLICKING HERE.

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Coach Gaetan

Team Strong Athlete
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